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New build and extensions

Although we have built up a reputation for working with buildings that are listed, or of historical significance, we have a broad range of skills and experience within our team and therefore take on architectural projects of all shapes and size.

As a practice we emphasise the importance of listening to ensure we fully understand your requirements and vision. Whatever the focus of the project, we’ll be fully immersed in the project so we can make suggestions to achieve the final goal, whether it’s adapting an older building to make it suitable for modern living, or creating a new building from scratch.


Church architecture

As buildings of such significance, both historically and architecturally, each Diocese maintains a list of approved architects who can act as an Inspecting Architect on behalf of the church.

To gain approval, an architect must meet the necessary criteria both in terms of training and experience.

We have three Architects Accredited in Building Conservation (AABC) within our team, and currently look after more than 90 churches in and around the West Midlands. We are also able to travel to other counties.

Our services in this area include:

  • Quinquennial Inspections
  • Repair Strategies
  • Reordering

Timber frame structures

If you are the owner, or prospective owner, of a traditional oak frame building, it is almost certainly more than 300 years and probably listed for its architectural and historic interest.

Whether you want to alter the building in some way or make general repairs, it’s important to work with a specialist who understands the structure of the frame to prevent causing damage. For example, moving one part of the frame or adjusting it in any way could have an impact on the stability of another part of the frame.

As a practice, we specialise in timber frame structures and therefore have the knowledge and expertise to upgrade, repair and alter these buildings with the level of specialist care and attention they deserve.

Historic and listed building advice

Owning or preparing to purchase a building that is listed or of historical significance is a very exciting position to be in. Full of character and charm, these buildings can be upgraded and transformed to meet the demands of modern day living, but it’s important to maintain the traditional sense of the building.


Specialist conservation advice

As conservation specialists we advise a number of organisations and individual clients on every aspect of conservation, building repair and specialist maintenance.