Building At Risk Surveys

Buildings at Risk

A Building at Risk (BaR) is any historic building that has been identified as being at risk due to neglect or decay.

These buildings, which can be listed or simply of historical significance, range from those that are on the point of collapse, to those which may just be unoccupied or in poor overall condition.

As a practice that specialises in conservation, we’ve played a key role in helping local authorities to identify buildings that fall into this category. As part of the identification process, we carry out a range of assessments and local surveys before providing a full summary with recommendations.

Once identified, buildings of particular significance such as Grade 1 or 2 listed buildings will be included in the English Heritage Buildings at Risk Register, whilst those of local significance are added to a local list which is maintained by the relevant local authority.

If a building has been identified as risk, it is more likely to receive some kind of funding to help with the repairs or maintenance, either through Government or Heritage Lottery funding or locally through such schemes as Townscape Heritage Initiatives.