Historic and Listed Building Advice

Historic and Listed Building Advice

Owning or preparing to purchase a building that is listed or of historical significance is a very exciting position to be in. Full of character and charm, these buildings can be upgraded and transformed to meet the demands of modern day living, but it’s important to maintain the traditional sense of the building.

Whether you’re looking to restore the building and make repairs, or extend the building to meet your needs, we can help you to achieve your vision whilst complying with the relevant legislation and guidelines.

Our team of architects have an understanding of historic and listed buildings of all periods. We have advised private owners, local authorities and commercial enterprises, as well as specialist organisations such as English Heritage, The National Trust and The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB).

Are you looking to purchase a listed or historic building?
With a thorough understanding of what makes a listed or historic building significant, we can act in an advisory role.

As well advising on the feasibility of your ideas and the extent to which you can make alterations, we can also suggest imaginative, creative and original ways to upgrade the building to meet your requirements.

We can also advise on the general condition of the building to highlight any repairs that need to be carried out, and provide a rough idea of the costings involved.

Are you looking to make repairs or upgrade your listed building?
Whether you’re looking to extend your listed building, or carry out a programme of repairs to maintain it, we can provide a thorough assessment and provide guidance on the most appropriate course of action.

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